STOP CLIMBING THE CORPORATE LADDER - CRUSH IT: What Really Matters to Top Business Leaders in the Modern Economy


STOP CLIMBING THE CORPORATE LADDER – CRUSH IT: What Really Matters to Top Business Leaders in the Modern Economy

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Jan 01, 1970 07:30 AM - Jan 01, 1970 07:30 AM
Lifelong Learning Institute (1 Minute from Paya Lebar MRT)

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Discover why your degree no longer defines you, and how to harness the right mindsets and connections to chart a career that gives you both success and satisfaction 

7:30- 8:15 [Keynote]

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Timeless Principles for Success in the Age of Disruption

Will your degree be worth anything a few years from now? Are the fast moving trends creating a dilemma of choice for which path to take? Does the fear of being replaced despite your qualifications haunt you? Hear how you can increase your credibility 

  • The mental switch from “What do I deserve?” to “How can I add value?”
  • Knowledge to insight to conviction: achieving wisdom and owning your life decisions.
  • The importance of exploration and creating career option value.
  • Why core relationships are an enabler for curiosity and risk-taking.
  • Income vs. wealth: why financial intelligence is critical in the age of job deflation, asset inflation, and debasement.
  • Luck vs. serendipity: how to consciously sow the seeds of serendipity?

Olivier Lim, Chairman, Certis CISCO Security and Frasers Property Australia, Board Member, Raffles Medical Group, Banyan Tree Holdings, JTC, SMU and Northlight School, and former Deputy Group CEO, CapitaLand. 

8:15-8:40: Dinner & Networking

8:40-9:30 [Break-out sessions] 

Riding the Tech Wave: How to Become an Asset in the Internet Industry

Feel like the tech wave has passed you by and it’s too late to get the “right qualifications”? Think again.  It’s entirely possible to land a job at your dream company without an engineering background or a pricey boot camp. Discover what non-academic skill-sets and USPs are most sought-after and will give you an edge over your peers! 

Lindsey Stockert, Regional Recruitment, Amazon 

Tommy Foo, Head of Driver Marketing, Grab

Rupal Khole, Regional Talent Advisor, Oracle 

From Bored Banker to Enlightened Entrepreneur: Making Your Mark in the Finance Industry 

Are your friends with weaker GPA getting offers from investment banks while you are being ignored?  Struggling to find meaning and purpose in such a volatile and cut-throat industry? Discover secrets on why having an “entrepreneurial” ” mindset and emotional intelligence may be your best effort in  conquering this elusive and notoriously competitive industry! 

Olzhas Zhiyenkulov, CEO, Paladigm Capital Pte Ltc., Ex-fund manager for top banks

Joseph Toh, Founder, Digital Billions & Fintech Association Singapore, Ex-Credit Suisse

Vinesh Motwani, MD, Silk Road Research, Ex-Principal, KKR Asset Management & Ex-VP, Goldman Sachs 

Charting your Career in Consulting: Entry, Advancement and Beyond

Want to enter consulting but your grades don’t cut it? Is an MBA necessary? Or you might already be amongst the cream of the crop – but how do you overtake the giants? Join us and find out how to enter and leverage consulting as a launch pad to greater career opportunities.

Roger Loo, Executive Director, BDO Consultants Pte Ltd 

Robert Jessing, Senior Manager, Accenture 

Stutti Agarwal, Consultant, McKinsey & Company