Past Events

Tired of being that anxious and stressed parent? Feel like you're always playing catch-up or running blind? It's true that kids don’t come with a manual, and parents don’t get grades to affirm they’re doing things right. Hear from Sha-en on how to apply research-based practical tips that are flexible, bottom-up, and lay the right foundations for your child to start being a stakeholder in their own upbringing.

How do you take your following from awareness to conversion, and from ‘likes’ to a sustainable livelihood based on your craft? Is it just about pure grit and the painstaking process of ‘ploughing the land’ - or is there a smarter way to hack the process? Hear first-hand from the Founder of CreativeAtWork Pte. Ltd. and the Managing Director of GRVTY Media on how to differentiate yourself to secure and grow your client base – whether you’re a full-time freelancer, one-man business owner, or doing it as a side gig.

Whether you’re a confused fresh graduate, restless executive, or uninspired manager, hear insider insights and unconventional stories from top decision-makers across the most sought- after industries on what non-academic skills and mind-sets you need in order to stand out. Get the right referrals and make better-informed decisions for a more purposeful and fulfilling career.

Sick and tired of uploading your resume for the 99th time without response? Why does it seem that your friends with lower GPA's seem to be getting all the luck? Maybe it’s time to stop. Whether you're a fresh grad, restless executive or uninspired manager, come down and get your resume reviewed ON THE SPOT by our experienced hiring experts - in sales, marketing, finance and technology.  BONUS: Hear directly from decision-makers at GOOGLE & FACEBOOK on what they are really looking for! 

So you’ve heard glamorous stories about working in Google. Or maybe you want to be a high-roller at Goldman. Perhaps you wish your greatest dilemma was choosing between Bain and McKinsey. Consulting, finance and tech have been one of the most sought-after careers, known for its prestige, work culture, and of course, generous remuneration -  but do you know what it really entails? And with thousands of applications flooding in every day, how do you prime yourself for entry?

So you know the importance of a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy in today's business -  but how do you actually execute it? Whether you're starting from scratch and wondering how to launch a holistic strategy for maximum ROI - or customizing cost-efficient ways to plug gap, this is your chance to deep-drive into the basics of digital marketing!

Silicon Valley tech startups are still posting massive valuations – despite the fact that many of them run at a loss. How does this make sense? Is this all a bubble? Is there method behind the madness? And most importantly – how can YOUR business survive and thrive, even if the rules of the game seem to have changed completely?

How is it that your colleagues are seamlessly bringing in BIG pay checks with every monster deal closed? No matter how good your product or service is, it is only as worth as much as clients will pay. Join us and find out how sales, presentation and pitching skills can be applied in every profession to turbo-charge your ascent to the pinnacle.  

Digital marketing is a concept that has been around for awhile – but how is it really relevant to you? Perhaps you’ve invested thousands of dollars on ad buys, agencies and ‘marketing experts’ – but inquiries aren’t exactly starting to pour in. To what extent do you have to ‘raise awareness’ before it actually starts to pay off in terms of actual leads?

Thinking about taking the plunge with no prior experience? Wondering how to rise from fresh grad? Struggling to push boundaries in a male-dominated industry? Find out how to stick by your passion in the face of naysayers!...