MELISSA LIM, CO-FOUNDER, LADYBOSS.ASIA & FOUNDER, CAVENAGH COLLECTIVE. has built one of Singapore’s best-known female entrepreneurship communities with over 10,000 members with minimal spend. She is also founder Cavenagh and Co,, helping startups from earning $700 to over $700,000 per month in less than a year, and acquiring 300,000 Facebook followers. A serial entrepreneur herself, she aspires to help others achieve growth in a short time.

Here are some quick tips on how she does it:

What are the top 3 myths that SMEs have believed about digital marketing that are untrue? 

1. It is expensive

2. It generates little tangible results (i.e. revenues)

3. It refers to just social media

Digital marketing can span across anything that is done via the internet. Be it website, facebook, instagram, a blogger or Google.

How did you manage to gain traction at the start while your product/service was still relatively unknown/not proven?

I can’t emphasise enough on the importance of attractive visuals and effective copywriting. Consumers these days have high expectations of what they consume online because there is just so much made available to them via the world wide web. The key is to have share-able content and to have a brand that people are proud to be associated with. Having discounts and promotions will help to grab attention but if you have a terrible website – it is impossible to convert visitors into paying customers. Collaborating with partners that have complementary services is something I would highly recommend!

When would you recommend doing it internally vs outsourcing? 

It depends on your capabilities. For most small business owners, digital marketing is not their expertise and they are not able to train someone internally – in that case, I recommend them to outsource. If they do have the time and money to invest in their internal team, it is definitely useful to turn their traditional marketer into an all-round marketer who can help to create online campaigns as well.

How do you keep your followers constantly engaged? 

We create content that people want to read and content that is localised for our target market. Many businesses get freelancers to churn out content for the sake of filling up their Blog page on their websites. But no one is reading the blog posts because they have no traffic to their website! For some that have good content, they are not using it to drive traffic to their website.

What is one piece of advice that you have for traditional SMEs hoping to start but without much capital or expertise? 

Trial and error – test out certain posts and ads via Facebook and see what works. I say Facebook because it is the most inexpensive option and they do make the process quite easy for business owners to place ads. For Google, generally, you would need to invest quite a bit to see results as there are big businesses that invest heavily in Google ads.



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