1. What is employer branding really? Are they similar to branding and marketing?

Without going to the technicalities, employer branding can be regarded as a mirror of consumer branding and marketing. What you do to your consumers, you do to your people. Instead of marketing to consumers, employer branding is about marketing your organisation to potential talent and existing employees.

2. How do you use digital strategies as part of employer branding?

There are many touch points of which a talent interacts with your organisation, including digital touch points. Strategies need to be crafted for the digital touch points to enhance the talent’s experience with your organisation. They include career site, social media feed, influencer newsletter and use of technology within the organisation.

3. How did you manage to gain traction at the start while your product/service was still relatively unknown/not proven?

One of our biggest attraction points is our organisation mission and vision. Many came to us because – as what they described – the mission and vision touch their soul. We also constantly share about events and happenings which establish ourselves as a thought leader in our industry. We create platform to build our own branding – the National Workplace Happiness Survey is such an example.

4. When would you recommend doing it internally or outsourcing to a third party? 

There are many pieces of work that form an employer brand. As long as the strategy is clear, the pieces of work can be distributed accordingly to the most optimum producers. For example in Align Group, our social media feed is managed by a digital agency whereas our influencer articles are generated internally.

5. What is one piece of advice that you have for traditional SMEs hoping to start but without much capital or expertise? 

Start with your organisation mission and vision. You need to be clear of where you are getting to, then the right stakeholders – employees and consumers – will come to join you on this ride. If you have nothing better to offer, choose to offer a vision of greatness to come – and work hard to realise it!


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